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We kindly ask you to order product(s) only you hope to keep, rather than placing many pieces with the expectation of returning most of them like in non-tango online shopping world.
Almost, every Chique Dancewear product is handmade and the production is limited based on materials or design. As, you may guess it is not possible for us to work like big fashion companies who can afford to return/refund/exchange all of the orders has been placed.
Please, keep in mind that YOU HAVE ALREADY ACCEPTED our Return & Refund & Exchange Policies during placing your order.
Order Cancellation Policy:
  • You have 24 Hrs to cancel an order and your order hasn't been left our warehouse. 
  • The costs of the bank transfer fees between %15 will be DEDUCTED from your payment.
Return & Exchange Policy:
  • We don't accept returns or exchanges for any reason because of the taxes, tariffs, excise charges, duties & transportation costs.
Refund Policy: 
  • We DO NOT offer any refunds for our products.
We are thankful for your assistance in helping us minimizing the returns.
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